Community Advisory Board

The Junior League of Lansing engages with a Community Advisory Board whose purpose is to identify opportunities for JLL volunteers to participate in addressing the critical needs of the Lansing area. The CAB provides ideas on how to increase public awareness of the JLL’s mission, our achievements and our involvement in the community. Members of the CAB represent areas critical to the community and are actively involved in the improvement and growth of the community. The President-Elect of the JLL serves as chair of the CAB.  

Community Advisory Board Members


  • Heather Frick, President-Elect, Junior League of Lansing

Community Members:

Junior League Members:

  • Joan Bauer, Sustaining Member Representative
  • Megan Buffenbarger, SPAC Cochair
  • Alexis Chadderdon, President
  • Katrina Daniels, Community Vice President
  • Kate Hude, SPAC Cochair
  • Kelly Miller, Immediate Past President
  • Alyson Kechkaylo, Secretary
  • Jennifer Zeiss, Community Outreach Chair