85 Years Serving Lansing!

The new JLL year (2016-2017) marks JLL's 85th year of service to the Lansing community. In 1931 a group of 18 bright, energentic, and forward thinking women began the Junior Service League. Over the years JLL has been at the forefront of meeting the ever-evolving needs in Lansing. From our early days of providing essential training and camps for teenage girls, to countless school lunch programs, to health clinics, to today our Members have been building and transforming the community. We’re proud of our legacy.
  • We've created significant and lasting change.
  • We are the source our community turns to when they have a problem to solve.
  • We’ve provided millions of hours of service.
  • We believe that volunteer service is an essential part of responsible, engaged citizenship.

Upcoming Events

  • SEPT 13

    General Membership Meeting

    Looking forward to seeing all members at our first GMM of our new year!

  • Oct 11

    General Membership Meeting

  • Nov 8

    General Membership Meeting

Community Partners