Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the Junior League of Lansing!

Developing the Potential of Members

We are proud to say that our members are not only leaders in the nonprofit sector but are also making a difference in the professional and business realm. Junior League members are attorneys, elected officials, business owners, presidents of companies, realtors, mothers and professional volunteers. The training our members receive while participating in JLL activities is a vital part of preparing these women to be leaders of distinction in our community.

I invite you to help carry on the tradition and mission of the Junior League of Lansing by becoming a member. Together we will build a better Lansing community.

New Member Training Passport

Junior League of Lansing accepts new members on a rolling basis. Each new member is required to complete a passport. Individuals have until the September following when they join as a Prospective member to complete the passport. A suggested timeframe will be provided when a New Member joins, but the tasks can be completed in a flexible manner. Once completed, New Members will meet with their advisor to answer any questions. Then, the Management Team will move to approve each new member who has completed the passport transitioning them to Active member status. Finally, each newly Active member will be placed on a committee and will be able to vote during meetings.

Passports will be provided once a New Member has submitted their application and paid the membership fee.

New Member fees for the 2023-2024 Junior League Year are $35. This includes a fee of $19.50 from the Association of Junior Leagues International and $15.50 for our New Member training activities.

After their New Member year, Active Members are expected to complete the following requirements:

  1. Placement: Every Active Member of the JLL serves in a year-long placement. Placements range from working with volunteer organizations, fundraising, and administrative tasks like finance, event planning, and more. Members are given input regarding their desired placements after learning about the various options open to them during their New Member year.
  2. Annual Fundraising: Each Active Member of the JLL is responsible for selling and/or purchasing the equivalent of 10 raffle tickets to benefit our annual fundraiser. Raffle tickets are $10 each (for a total of $100). This fundraising requirement can be met in a variety of other ways too, including obtaining donations or sponsorships at various levels.
  3. Fees: Annual dues for Active Members of the JLL are $138 for the 2024-2025 year. This fee includes: $65 for JLL; $43 for AJLI; and $30 to cover the cost of GMMs. Dues are typically due by the end of March and are subject to slight adjustments each year.