Sustaining Members

Serving As A Sustaining Member

The Junior League of Lansing has four classes of membership: Provisional, Active, Senior Active and Sustaining.

A Sustaining Member is one who has contributed six or more years of Active member status to the Junior League of Lansing (excluding the Provisional year and years of leaves). A Sustainer has all of the privileges of membership except that she may not hold office or vote on issues that come before the membership unless she served in a slated position. A Sustainer in good standing has the obligation to pay dues but she is not required to attend meetings or perform volunteer service within the Junior League programs.

After the minimum six-year training program within Junior League, Active members may select Sustainer status. They take what they have learned out into the community and demonstrate the effectiveness of trained volunteers on community boards of directors, on school boards, in elected office and on a variety of community, school and church activities within their area of interest.

Sustaining JLL

The JLL has more than 200 Sustaining Members. In addition to community work, Sustainers assist the Junior League by serving as Sustaining Advisors to committees, fundraising activities, one member serves as Sustaining Member At-Large to the Board of Directors and one as Sustaining Advisor to the Management Team. Two Sustaining Members serve as Chair and Secretary of the Junior League Endowment Board of Trustees.

In addition, under the direction of the Sustaining Management Advisor and assisted by Sustaining Members who volunteer to serve on the committees, the Sustaining Members have a series of activities.

  • Fall Sustainer Luncheon
  • Holiday Open House
  • Spring Event
  • Annual Junior League Celebration Dinner Meeting

If you have further questions, please email the current Sustaining Advisor.