In the Community

One of the main initiatives and purposes of the Junior League of Lansing is quality training—establishing a force of trained volunteers, training women to success in their workplaces, home lives and communities. This commitment to quality training is established in many ways. Each year, the JLL provides volunteers to day-long community projects, serving the needs of our localities, while at the same time offering training and personal growth for members.

On the Job

Another source of training is “on-the-job” as each member takes on an annual placement to support the organization and to support our projects and programs in the community. Members take part in a variety of placements from leadership to committee member where they can take on the role of treasurer, fundraiser, webmaster, public relations manager, volunteer coordinator, event decorator or more. Sometimes members expand their current knowledge and share it with others and sometimes members learn something completely new.

With a Friend

The JLL holds monthly general membership meetings during which the leadership team of the League strives to introduce a variety of speakers to instruct, inform and excite membership. Twice a year, all of the Leagues in the state of Michigan gather for semiannual training designed to provide a day-long retreat for women to focus on themselves and their own personal improvement. Some members attend national trainings sponsored by the Association of Junior Leagues International for leadership training to share with the regional Junior League.