Food. Shelter. Access.  Investing in the Essentials for Our Community.

These essential needs are intrinsically related as many families often have to make difficult decisions where to put their dollars each month. With the ever-increasing funds needed to heat and power homes during the cold seasons we have had in mid-Michigan, other needs essential to living (food, health care, etc.) end up suffering.

The Junior League of Lansing is committed to making an impact in the essential needs in our community. In a recent ALICE report released by the United Way, it found that 40% of households in Michigan struggle to afford the basic necessities of housing, food, child care, health care and transportation.


Last year, the Greater Lansing Food Bank gave away 7 million pounds of food and stocked 150 food pantries throughout it’s reach. It wasn’t enough. The need for food is real here in mid-Michigan.


Many throughout the greater Lansing area lack access to transportation (driver’s license, public transportation); health care (coverage and access to basic medical and mental health); communication (phones, Internet and computers) and identification.


With the temporary or transitional housing/shelters in our area often at capacity, obstacles essential to securing housing are more important than ever—utilities, initial security deposit, first-month rent, affordable housing and providing a path to home ownership.