Pass It On: Random Acts of Service Campaign

Since 1931, the Junior League of Lansing has been a part of the Lansing community. In celebration of 90 years, we’re giving back by doing what we love most: random acts of service.

There are more than 1,500 pass-it-on cards within the Lansing community, we hope one of our cards reaches you! Those who give a card to someone has chosen to perform an act of service without expecting anything in return. JLL sincerely hopes this gesture brings joy to you in some way.

Help us track how far our cards go!

Use the link below to help us track how many random acts of service were completed within the Lansing community!


Share Your Experience With JLL!

Help us spread the word about the Pass It On campaign by sharing your experience and photos with us! Use the link below to share as much information you’d like!